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  Active users should upgrade to GPSS World Version 5.2.2.  Support for downlevel versions has been discontinued.

Available Products

  • GPSS World Commercial  Version 5.2.2
  • GPSS World Personal Version 5.2.2
  • GPSS Student Version 5.2.2
  • GPSS World HTML Reference Manual, 4th Edition
  • GPSS World HTML Tutorial Manual, 4th Edition

    The latest version of GPSS World has several bug fixes. A change introduced in 5.1 caused automatically generated experiments to fail. This has been removed from Version 5.2.2. A problem buffering PLUS Procedures during compilation has been fixed in 5.2.2. Please note that Experiment Names are restricted to 28 characters, or less. Also, we have once again made available an up-to-date version of the GPSS World Student Version. Students have often found the registration process to be an obstacle, so we have removed it completely from the GPSS World Student Version. As before, it can be downloaded free of charge, but we are unable to provide free support for its use.

    We now feature a new Personal Version of GPSS World. This version is intended for use (even commercial) by individuals and small businesses. It can run models of up to 2000 Blocks, and so for most practical purposes, is up to any simulation you might encounter.

    The Commercial Version, as always, is unlimited in model size (except for the billion byte address space of the operating system). The Commercial Version is for use by organizations, who retain ownership of the license in perpetuity, although there is a restricted Academic License for use of the unlimited version by faculty and students of accredited academic institutions.


    Only the unlimited version (Commercial or Academic) comes with hardcopy documentation, but all versions have the GPSS World Tutorial Manual and the GPSS World Reference Manual included in the installation in HTML format. In addition, the Reference Manual can be accessed through the online help of any version of GPSS World.

    Version 4 is no longer supported. Anyone wanting support will need to upgrade to Version 5. Please contact us for details.

Recent Fixes and Enhancements in GPSS World Version 5.2.0

  1.  The current version, 5.2.0, permits string comparison to UNSPECIFIED data elements. This allows automatically generated experiments to complete.
  2. The restriction of Experiment names in automatically generated experiments to 28 characters, or less, is more strictly enforced.


Recent Fixes and Enhancements in GPSS World Version 5.1.1

  1.  Version 5.1.1, removes a block limit in the Commercial Version which appeared in models over 16000 Blocks in length.
  2. Function definitions can now take more than 144 Function Follower points.
  3. A problem that truncated extremely long strings was fixed.
  4. The Plot Window save plot point limit was raised to 99,999,999.
  5. The Run Procedure name was inadvertently omitted in some automatically generated Experiments. This was fixed.
  6. Incorrect Savevalue Window column headers were fixed.
  7. The INITIAL Command now can initialize multiple elements.
  8. A bug when Block Entities were accessed from GATE and TEST Blocks was fixed.
  9. SCAN and EXAMINE Blocks incorrectly updated statistics for the wrong Block. This was fixed.
  10. Two problems with Integration were fixed. The first appeared as a failure to complete an integration before the end of a simulation. The second was a failure to completely initialize an integration under certain circumstances.
  11. Several corrections were made to the online documentation.

Recent Fixes in GPSS World Version 5.0.4

  1.  Version 5.0.4, fixes a problem where an unhandled overflow could occur in the denominator of a standard deviation calculation.
  2. File associations have been fixed so that you can open GPSS World by double clicking on a model file (.gps), a simulation file (.sim), or a report file (.gpr).
  3. Text files (.txt) are no longer registered by GPSS World.


Recent Enhancements

    Here are some of the most important enhancements that exist in GPSS World Version 4.3.5, and later:

  1. Block Creation Dialogs. This is great for students! You can now click on "Insert Block" in the File menu of the Main Window. This opens the Block Menu Window containing a button for each GPSS Block. Floating tooltips tell you what each block does, and clicking on a button opens the dialog peculiar to that Block. All the Operands are described, and syntax is checked automatically. Online Help is available to lead you to the appropriate place in the Reference Manual if you need it. When you click OK, the new block statement is inserted in a new line -- just after the line in the Model Object containing the flashing insertion point.

  2. Automatic Experiment Generators. A huge development is the availability of the Automatic Experiment Generators. GPSS World will now generate Screening Experiments or Optimizing Experiments to suit your personal situation. After you fill in the blanks of a dialog, a complete PLUS experiment is inserted into your Model Object. After you Translate the Model, thereby creating a Simulation Object, all you need to do is press a function key (which has already been loaded with the appropriate CONDUCT Command) to begin the experiment. The experimentation features are now described in chapter 13 of the Reference Manual, and in lessons 19 and 20 of the Tutorial Manual. The Automatic Experiment Generators are accessed through the Edit Menu.

  3. User Experiments. For User-designed experiments, the ANOVA Library procedure has been extended to handle up to 6 factors, including 2 and 3 way interactions.

  4. I/O Procedures. For better control of results and animations, 5 new Library Routines have been added to the PLUS Library: Open(), Close(), Read(), Write(), and Seek(). They are very similar to the Blocks of the same name, in that they work the same way on Data Streams. Now you can now perform these operations in PLUS Procedures. One difference is that the PLUS Write() Procedure is restricted in that it does not support Replace Mode. You would have to use the WRITE Block to perform that function. The good news is that you can mix Blocks with their PLUS Library equivalents if you want to. The Data Stream number is used to keep things straight.

  5. External Functions. GPSS World now can be connected to external dynamic link libraries created by third parties. The PLUS Procedure Library now contains the Call(), Call_Integer(), Call_String(), and the Call_Real() procedures which can invoke external functions.
  6. EXIT. The EXIT Command has been reinstated. It can be used to end the GPSS Session saving All Objects, Saving No Objects, or Querying for permission to save each to file. Exit() is also available as a PLUS Library Procedure. These are useful in the new Batch Mode of operation. If you specify BATCH in a DOS Command Line, GPSS World will run in the background. 

  7. Adjustable Tabstops. A new Setting on the Report page of the Model Object's Settings Notebook allows you to adjust the tab stops of the Model Object. This can be useful when you use the Block Creation Dialogs, which insert tabs into the newly created Block Statements.

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